Estee Lauder Event: LOVE LIP REMIX

Heyyy guys! Welcome to another blog post! Its been awhile! or has it? lol.. anyways, this post is all about the Estee Lauder event which took place in our local mall featuring the lovely Debasree. So basically this event took place on the 10th of june, and was hosted by famous youtuber/blogger debasree.  This event was […]

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Hey guys whats up?! Hope you all had a great summer. We are finally back to proper blogging because we finally got over with exams. *breathes*   So in this post we review the clothes from the brand RHESON which is a brand by Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor. Firstly let us tell you that […]


Album Review: Harry Styles.

Five words: Harry Styles is a rockstar.  Harry Styles, one of the members of the very famous boyband ‘ one direction ‘ and also one of the members who didn’t leave… *cough*. His debut self titled album was made available on the 12th of may. Once again Harry Styles is a rockstar. In his solo […]

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Hey guys!!! Its almost Christmas. We are so excited for it, well we are every year but this year is a little too special to us because of this blog as it is so special to us and we have such a nice time creating ideas for it. We just started our winter vacations so […]

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Hey wassup hello (trap queen plays in bg). Hope ya’ll are having a nice and spooky October. We were kind of busy with college work. But we do have a lot of stuff coming up. So I went out for some Diwali shopping last week and I planned on buying some ethnic wear but my […]


Quick and Easy FALL MAKEUP!

Do you feel the chill in the air? Do you feel the skeleton FALL out of your body??(fall out boy lol sorry that was a bad pun) no okay thats only us…*pause for awkward silence*  wELL ITS FALL AND ITS COLD AND COZY AND DARK AND BEAUTIFUL SO HERES A QUICK MAKEUP LOOK!  So fall […]

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